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M5Media is founded on the premise of the designers and programmers working directly with the customer. This may sound a little different but here’s why it works:

In a traditional business model you have lots of overhead.  You have a inventory to keep, a building to rent, employees to pay, maintenance, insurance, and utility bills.  This is all added into the cost of what you bill per hour and there’s nothing wrong with that -> business is business after all and all businesses exist to make a profit.

Where this gets really ugly is when you consider that the guy who actually connects you to what you want :: The Developer:: is getting paid a fraction of the hourly rate your paying.  Because web design and development take a long time to learn, this is often a very eager but very inexperienced kid doing the work.

I know this because I used to be one, I was that kid. I was making $13 an hour working for a company that charged $75/hour for my time, talk about a chip on the shoulder!  In all honesty, who it was really unfair to was the client.  However, they had a limited budget and the company I worked for had to pay the electric bill and keep the heat on so that’s the way it worked.

How We are Different

We all cut our teeth working for big companies, but grew tired of seeing most of the development budget padding the pockets of our superiors who knew next to nothing about the web, but knew a lot about schmoozing!  We set out to do it differently.

We decided that if the development team worked directly with the customers, things wouldn’t be ‘lost in translation’ and the client would pay less while we made a fair wage – brilliant!  We took the core things that make a business like our work » knowledge, experience, and reliable hardware.

Reliable Hardware
We were sick of ‘fires’ because the company didn’t have any money for nice servers – so we spent some money and bought very powerful enterprise class servers and set them up with triple redundancy.

First Level: RAID 5, where 3 hard drives work together with a parity stripe so if one fails the others can manage without it.

Second Level: We have ‘hot spares’ in our RAID 5 arrays – a spare disk that immediately takes the place of a failed one in the array.  This ensures that there is an immediate replacement available to rebuild the RAID 5 array in the event of a failure.

Third Level: We perform offsite backups of our entire data cluster on a regular basis.  This is for the extremely rare events, like the data center burning down or a statewide power failure (that wouldn’t do it anyways as we have generators on standby) but you get the idea.

Because we are small network of professionals, we flat-out manage to give you more for your money than those “big companies”. Whether your looking for a Specialized Database Application, Search Engine Marketing, or just a brochure website for your business we can help.

Our philosopy is to Build the Website to Benefit the Business – it’s that simple.

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